Posted by: Callum | April 21, 2010

Welcome family

Welcome sisters and brothers.

Scott said he would like a collection of recollections from the Costa Rica Rainbow Gather 2010 at Finca Salverde. I suggested creating a blog to host those recollections. This is that blog.

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  1. I had an amazing time at the Rainbow. Thank you Scott for having all of us there at your home, I hope you enjoy all of the additions that were built. I`m sure there were many cycles of people and different energy throughout the gathering, but I know while I was there I saw a transformation occur. Throughout the 10 days that I was there I experienced a build up of love and comradery between the people. Some left and some came, bringing a different crew together than when I arrrived. As the days went by the family got closer and closer. I think the most incredible part was the waterfall adventure and the Reggae Fiesta with Rasta Stevie. How badass it was to journey to a special waterfall through a narrly river hike and come out victorious as a tribe. People faced their fears, we all got a bit bruised up, and Banjo the goofy black dog went where no dog has probably ever been before. Amazing. And the Reggae Fiesta opened the eyes and hearts of many of the local people who had probably never experienced anything like that. They thought we were wierd people before, then we showed them all of our love at the hight of the gathering and they could feel the comradery. So all in all, my experience at the gathering was absolutely amazing. Afterwards, Elle, Steph, Dan, Andy, Filipe and I ended up at the Osa penninsula to go chill with Rasta Stevie at his organic market. The beaches there are incredible and the momentum of the gathering carried on with us in high spirits. We all parted ways and Andy and I stayed at a secluded beach with the monkeys and parrots for a few days of peace and quiet. The aftermath of the gathering was incredible as well. This is my view of the gathering in my eyes, and I`d say it was a great first Rainbow for me. Much love to everyone!!!

  2. Rainbows in their quitessential form are not as common as their spirit at Rainbow Gatherings. Their elusive spectrum vacuums gusts of wind, tugging hitchhiking hippies from every surfed couch of the galaxy. It’s form is so universal that it’s spirit is heard through music. Gatherers come and go to and from what seems like the other side of the rainbow bringing what treasures may exist there to trade and share with us. No one ever seems to be in a hurry or race against time or space and more often than not arrive and depart either spiraling inwards or out. It really makes me wonder the true meaning of the rainbow. Perhaps it really is a spiral and that we can only see one small piece of it registering in our field of vision as just an arc. Perhaps it is more than just an arc oiris, more than Noah’s arc, or even all other arcs in that it IS a spiral too modest to show it’s full scale or our senses are simplly too limited to view such a conduit of consciousness and light. Just when one thinks it is another gloomy day, the symbol of colorful, vibrant energy is there to brighten up those preconceptions. These are just a “rainbow,” if you will, of the spiral I am speaking of. It took me nine rainbows with the last one being the one for this forum and the one I hosted for these revelations and spirals to be manifested. Somewhere closer to this spiral’s source if not The Source, is what struck me as something I like to call: A Permanent Rainbow Gathering. So few have witnessed that full color spectrum in permanence. It has been found in crystals and no where else to my imagination. Every time you look at one of these rainbow crystals, as long as there was enough light to see what you had, this particular natural creation could refract the light around it and always produce a rainbow for everyone’s viewing pleasure. This is proof…evidence that it can happen.

    Mahal Kita Kanlaon.

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